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Anonymous said: (818): She just asked me if her C-section scar turned me on.

Quinn and Sam in Never Been Kissed :P

Thanks Anon!

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. We’re working really hard on getting as many tfln-inspired Glee graphics ready to be posted but unfortunately we’ve been busy off-Tumblr. Expect lots more posts this weekend and we’re going to work on emptying out our ask box by filling as many suggestions as possible and some of our own. We’re also working on organizing a tags page so you can browse by episode, character, and actor.

We love you guys. Thank you for making running this blog so fun!!!

alrightwithyou said: (802):
She didn't talk for 45 minutes. We finally convinced her to open her mouth. There was a flower in there.

I think that this is something that Brittany would totally do XD

Thank you so much for the suggestion!


“Not Acceptable” is a powerful and compelling 30 second television PSA which gives voice to a variety of diverse communities each of whom expresses that it is not acceptable to call them by what were once common words, but are now recognized as offensive slurs. It culminates in actress and self-advocate Lauren Potter from “Glee” stating that it is not acceptable to use the word ‘retard’ and she and “Glee” co-star Jane Lynch make a call to action to stop using the word and to promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to make their pledge online at http://r-word.org.

My father put this PSA together that will be airing tonight during Glee! It is so important that you take a listen to the important message that this video has. People like my sister deserve your respect, and that starts by removing the “R-word” from your vocabulary.

life-in-w0nderland said: Would you PLEASE reblog this? It's a PSA my dad put together that will be broadcast tonight during Glee about the R-word. Jane Lynch and Lauren Potter are in it and I would really like to get the word out. Thank you so much!


Of course. We love Jane and Lauren and Glee and as much as this blog loves poking fun, this is super important too. Thanks for sending it to us, hon!

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