a tumblog devoted to texts from last night and FOX's hit show GLEE! All messages are from textsfromlastnight.com and all photos are from tvscreencaps.com, rawr-caps.net, and rachel-puck.net (more sites will be listed later as they are used).

In a matter of seven days we’ve gained 385 of you, received amazing suggestions, created 40+ posts of TFLN-inspired Glee graphics and have already had tons of fun. But we want to make sure that this blog is everything you want it to be.

Do you have text suggestions? A favorite episode or character? Let us know what you want to see and we’ll do our best to do it. This blog is only great because there are a bunch of followers out there who are really having fun with it and that makes it fun for us. 

So thanks so much and look for more posts now that we’ve got some free time this summer!

eppypeninc said: carry on with the puckleberry it's so very glorious.

To be very honest, we’ll make graphics on request and we try not to always use our own shipping tendencies. But we find a lot of things that fit and pictures that work really well. We don’t discriminate against any shipper. We love 100% of the Glee fandom and want them all to have fun with the things we make. But we also won’t stop making one kind of graphic because it bothers a few people. This is for fun, not shipping or shipwars. Thank you, though. We appreciate that you’re enjoying what we do!

vandalscum said: i just love all the puckleberry in your texts

Anonymous said: stop making fucking puckleberry graphics

Anonymous said: (908): ASIANS HAVE SEX TOO!! I just watched it happen in the library.

Totally screamed Tike to me. :]

Thanks for the suggestion, anon! You rule!!!

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