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Anonymous said: (508): Just so you're aware, tomorrow is "Slow Clap when you see Mike" day.

I had too. Mike Chang is awesome and my favourite character. A photo based of this text, por favor? :]

We love us some Mike Chang, too. Sorry this took us so long to get to but thank you so much for the awesome suggestion anon!

theeagleclaw-deactivated2012081 said: http://textsfromlastnight.com/Text-Replies-27830.html

Maybe with a cap from the fight between Puck and Finn in Wheels?

Sorry this took us so long to get to! Thank you so much for the suggestion!!!

twoprettyfaces-deactivated20110 said: Thank you. <3

You’re welcome, hon. We hope that one was okay! Thank YOU for suggesting it and following the blog! 

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