a tumblog devoted to texts from last night and FOX's hit show GLEE! All messages are from textsfromlastnight.com and all photos are from tvscreencaps.com, rawr-caps.net, and rachel-puck.net (more sites will be listed later as they are used).
thisjuliet said: Did you know you are not the first human to breathe air? just wanted to let you know.

love your blog :)

I really thought I was the first. I’m super-depressed now over this revelation.

Thanks, I’m glad some people like it!

Anonymous said: I don't know if you're taking suggestions, but if you are.


We totally take suggestions - for either great texts or really funny caps. Let us know and thanks so much. Just put this one up!

Anonymous said: gleetfln.tumblr.com

so much for originality, eh?

You caught me. It was not my brilliant idea to first put other people’s words on other people’s images and post them up on tumblr to enjoy. I will go hang my head in shame and not be able to get to sleep at night because of it.

Or maybe, you’re clearly not the first person to point this out and I’ve already spoken to the owner of the other blog and it’s really no biggie. So if you were looking to be an original anon, sorry, someone beat you to trying to be a pain in the ass.

mark-s-deactivated20111101 said: Not to be rude….but I see that you’ve not only taken the idea from the original Glee Texts From Last Night blog, but you’re also going as far as using texts they’ve already done. I mean….if you’re going to do that….the least you could do is credit that blog somewhere on your page. It seems like the classy thing to do.

Not to be rude in return, but my personal tumblr account has never followed the original Glee Texts from Last Night blog. I never saw it reblogged on my dash. I never knew about it until my last asker mentioned it. As I have said in the sidebar of this tumblog - I was inspired earlier today by textsfromprinceton - a blog for House MD. The texts were found by keyword searching things like “Truck” “Jack Daniels” and “Gold stars” on the TFLN page. I put in the footwork to get it done and I don’t claim credit for the idea of putting other people’s words on other people’s photos. This is for fun. I think that’s the classiest way to handle it.

miss-aldrin said: This Tumblr has been up for like an hour and I'm already sure it will be one of my favorite Glee ones. :)

Thank you! We’re glad that you like it!!!!

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