a tumblog devoted to texts from last night and FOX's hit show GLEE! All messages are from textsfromlastnight.com and all photos are from tvscreencaps.com, rawr-caps.net, and rachel-puck.net (more sites will be listed later as they are used).
namebetterdays said: You do realize you are the second glee texts from last night blog right...

Well, there is a lack of original thought in modern society right now, so I suppose it serves me right. But I’m sure that people don’t mind having more than one source for funny TFLN inspired Glee images. Right guys?

We were inspired by textsfromprinceton, a tumblr for fans of House MD and TFLN. We’re so glad that you guys like the blog so far. If you have any tfln or pictures that you think NEED to be used, let us know in our ask box and we’ll find either the perfect photo or text message and post it up!

its-raya-berry said: I have to say, you're page is awesome! I hope to see a lot of puckleberry <3

Glad that you like it. There have been some P/R pics because the texts seemed to really fit the photos and there may be (some) bias. But we’re going to be taking suggestions eventually so we’ll try to get enough out there for everyone in the Glee fandom to like!

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